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»We Build It Better«

»We understand that innovative design must always lead to a functional product that improves lives and makes mobility easier. From agility and maneuverability to structural integrity, strength and durability. We don’t just make wheelchairs, we make wheelchairs better.«

A slogan and identity that pushes the manufacturer towards the best quality.
Ki Mobility has gained a place in the market with its modern design and extraordinary characteristics of their products.

Wheelchairs have great handling, quality of build, adjustability and will satisfy even the most demanding user!

The AXIOM line of backrests and cushions offer a width range of products that will provide comfort while sitting in your wheelchair!


Quality from Japan

»Do you know your limitation? Generally, we close our heart when we are discouraged. However, we know athletes who keep on challenging to unlock their new potential.«

Matsunaga wants to improve their activity through the wheelchairs and move forward with same as their sprit.”

A philosophy that proves athletes give inspiration to this manufacturer and push Matsunaga to make best possible quality wheelchairs that will serve its user for a long time.

Matsunaga was established the year 1974 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of wheelchairs and other medical devices in Asia and looking to be recognized as a Global player with their “MP” brand for Sports and Active wheelchairs.


»Custom mobility«

» Reliability, functionality, excellent driving characteristics and an extremely high level of quality as well as years of experience characterize our products. «

 A company philosophy that says good is not good enough. Their products are made from best materials that lead to a light and stiff product!

All the wheelchairs are custom made to fit the user. Anything, from everyday use to professional sports, the wheelchair is made especially for you!


»We are performance«

»Not only a slogan but the heart and vision of the products. «

High performance parts, that will not only make your wheelchair stand out from others, but also make your wheelchair perform smoother.

  • Push rims: offer a perfect grip!
  • Castors: will make your wheelchair stand out!
  • Rims: are not only beautiful, but also light and firm!
  • Parts made from 100% carbon fiber: will make your wheelchair lighter!
  • And other parts, that you will love using!

Our products

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