Save your strength for the more important things in life

The i-Ryde is suitable for any user, whether self-propelled or with the help of an accompanying person.

I-Ryde helps you overcome shorter or longer distances, even in larger indoor spaces such as shopping malls. I-Ryde is easy to use, simple to connect to a wheelchair and you do not need tools to mount the attachments.

The i-Ryde is designed to have excellent grip on the ground and does not reduce the stability of your wheelchair. You can choose between three speed limits and make it easier to reach your destination.





Motor: 250 W 8″ brushless
Power: 36 V
Input: AC 220 V
Battery: Li-Ion 4,4 Ah
Operating temperature: From -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Range: Up to 30 km
Weight: 6,8 kg
Pitch: Up to 16 %
User weight: Up to 160 Kg
Speed 3 levels: L: 2 km/h, M: 4 km/h, H: 6 km/h
i-Ryde can be used with any type of a wheelchair