Tsunami is a sleek look, a light frame, a stiffer, more responsive ride. Tsunami’s lightweight construction, with an 5,80 kg transport weight and a 20% stiffer and more responsive ride, is a big competitor to other wheelchairs on the market. With Ki Mobility you don’t have to sacrifice quality, design or options to get a great product at an affordable price.


7000 1 3/8″ Aluminum Tubing

The signature frame construction of Ki Mobility rigid chairs is like nothing else you will see or feel. The frame is 20% stiffer and stronger than other aluminum rigid frames. The lightweight ultra-stiff 7000 series 1 3/8″ tubing is the ideal combination of vibration dampening and rigidity.

Center of Gravity

Hidden inside your Tsunami, the simple yet ingenious system keeps the side frame free of excess hardware, while providing infinite adjustability. It is this infinite adjustability that allows you to set the center of gravity without worrying about interference with the backrest hardware or aftermarket seating system. Comfort just got easier.


Maxx Performance Spoke

Maxx Performance is our spoke wheel that offers performance and style without a high price tag. It features eighteen radial spokes and a high flange hub that result in increased rigidity for a more responsive, better performing wheel. The heightened level of responsiveness combined with a lightweight design give the rider the most from every push. Constructed with a 6061 series aluminum rim and straight steel spokes with a durable black satin finish for a look and feel that is anything but standard.